S. C. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Supreme Court]. CONFEDERATE STATES or CONFEDERATED STATES: United States- Confederate States. BUU-CHINH: Vietnam. EST AFRICAIN ALLEMAND OCCUPATION BELGE (overprint on stamps of Congo): German East Africa, Belgian occupation (1916-22). DAVAAR ISLAND: Island off the coast of Scotland with local issue bearing its name. PORTUGAL CONTINENTE: Portugal [Portugal mainland]. KIOYMOY-ΛTZINAΣ (overprint on stamps of Greece): Thrace- Greek occupation. J (overprint on stamps of Peru): Peru- Yca (1884). Einmal anmelden - alles im Blick. REP SOCIALE ITALIANA: Italy- Italian Social Republic (1944). C.P. OSTLAND (overprint on stamps of Germany): Russia- German occupation (1941-3). V. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Volunteers]. (overprint): Cilicia- Greek occupation. AKATA: Fantasy bogus issue from the Philippines. FRIMAERKE LOKALBREF: Sweden- Stockholm local (1856) [Free Stamp for Local Letters]. Larry King, who quizzed thousands of world leaders, politicians and entertainers for CNN and other news outlets in a career spanning more than six decades, has died aged 87, his media company said in a statement on Saturday. CENT(S) (currency overprint): Russia- Offices in China (1901-22). CENTIMES (currency overprint on stamps of Germany): Germany- Offices in Turkey (1908). CROISSANT ROUGE TURC: Turkey, semipostals [Turkish Red Crescent]. VIET-NAM CONG-HOA: South Vietnam (1956-75). E.R. PS (intertwined in script letter): Colombia- Causa (1882-3). GIORNALI STAMPE: Italian States-Sardinia, newspaper stamps (1861). FOMENTO-AERO-COMMUNICACIONES (overprint): Ecuador, air mail postal tax stamps. COLIS POSTAL (no country name): Belgium, parcel posts. DE ANTIOQUIA: Colombia- Antioquia [Estado Soberano (sovereign state)]. CAMPUCHEA: Cambodia EESTI POST VIRUMMA: Estonia- Bolshevist occupation- Virumma, bogus issue (1918-19). XAPTOΣHMON (overprint): Greece, postal tax stamps. BOLLO DELLA POSTA NAPOLITANA: Italian States- Two Sicilies (1858). BIJAWAR: India- Bijawar. SERVICIO ORDINARIO (overprint): Nicaragua, converting airmails to regular issues [Ordinary Service]. STADT POST BASEL: Switzerland, Basel [City Post Basel]. NADRUK (underprint): Netherlands (1852) [Reprint]. EXPRES: many languages [special delivery]. FRENCH WEST AFRICA: Used as promotion for Tarzan movie (in English). (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Commisariat Officer]. AIRPORT INTERNATIONAL DE KANDAHAR: Afghanistan. DANZIG (overprint on stamps of Germany): Danzig (1920-3). BRITISH PROTECTORATE OIL RIVERS: British Niger Coast Protectorate. FRANCO MARKE: German States- Bremen (1856-60) [Free Stamp]. ROUMELIE ORIENTALE (overprint on stamps of Turkey): Eastern Roumelia (1880). ISTRA SLOVENSKO PRIMORJE: Yugoslavia, issues for Istria and the Slovene Coast (1946). REPUBLIKA MALAGASY: Madagascar (Malagasy Republic). CILICIE (overprint on stamps of France): France- occupation of Cilicia. ANGLET: France-supposed republic for dogs. Quiz - Prouve que tu as une très bonne culture générale en décrochant un 10/10. BAHRAIN (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Bahrain (1948-60). PATMOS (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Aegean Islands- Patmo (1912-22). TREBIZONDE (overprint on stamps of Russia): Russia- Offices in Turkey- Trebizonde (1909-10). G. D. DE LUXEMBOURG: Luxembourg (1859-1882) [Grand Duchy of Luxembourg]. GRANA: Italian States- Two Sicilies (1861). GD LIBAN (overprint on stamps of France): Lebanon. COUR INTERNATIONALE DE JUSTICE: Netherlands- Int. AFRIQUE EQUATORIALE FRANCAISE (overprint with bars): French Equatorial Africa. O.N.F. FRANK: Albania. DEPARTMENTO DEL TOLIMA: Colombia- Tolima. PARMENSI: Italian States- Parma (1852-55). COMP A DE MOZAMBIQUE (overprint on stamps of Mozambique): Mozambique Company (1892). (overprint): Germany, military parcel posts (max. CADIZ VIVA ESPANOL (overprint): Spain- revolutionary Cadiz issues. EJERCITO RENOVADOR: Mexico- Sinaloa revenue (1923). EONIKH: Greece, tax stamps (1914). ACFT: Antarctic Confederation of Federal Territories. K.U.K. B. DPTO. LOCUST CAMPAIGN (overprint): Trans-Jordan, semipostals. ЧKP. EENDRAGT MAAKT MAGT. C. P. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Commissioner of Police]. CASTELLORISO (overprint on stamps of France): France- Castellorizo occupation. DERECHOS DE FIRMA: Philippines revenues, suitably re-overprinted as postage provisionals (1880-90) [Documents Fee]. CONSTRUCCION (overprint): Guatemala, postal tax stamps. CH TAXE O.M.F. ЦPHA ΓOPA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Montenegro- Italian occupation. LUCHTEPOST: Belgium, airmails [Air Post]. (overprint): United States Internal Revenue. C. L. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Crown Lands]. ΓOЛДAЮЩИM P.C.Ф.C.P. D. R. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Deed Registry]. BELIZE RELIEF FUND (overprint): British Honduras, semipostals (1932) [for hurricane of Sept 1931 relief]. PAK-HOI (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Packhoi (1906-19). V.U.J.N.A. M.A.L. GUATEMALA C.A. 62000. BERLIN (overprint): Germany- Berlin- military occupation (1948). ISTRIA LITTORALE SLOVENO: Yugoslavia, issues for Istria and the Slovene Coast (1946). ZULULAND (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Zululand (1888-94). SOUDAN (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Sudan (1894). L. T. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Land Titles]. HIRLAPJECY: Hungary, newspaper stamps (1900-22). LIBAU (overprint on stamps of Germany): Latvia- German occupation (1919). (overprint on stamps of Germany): Upper Silesia, officials (1920) [Commission Interalliee Haute Silesie]. FORCES FRANCAISE LIBRES LEVANT (overprint): Syria, French military stamps. (currency): Japan, Manchukuo, Ryukyu Islands. TAXA DE GUERRA (with values in 0$): Portuguese Africa, war tax stamps (1919). T (overprint on stamps of any country): postage due stamps. U.S.P.S. SAINT HELENA TRISTAN RELIEF (overprint): St. Helena, semipostal for Tristan da Cunha (1961). B. HПEIPOΣ: Epirus. A.C.C.P. BRITISH SOMALILAND: Somaliland Protectorate. BOLLO POSTALE: San Marino. SPECIAL EXPRES: Canada, special delivery. (currency surcharge on stamps of France): France- Offices in Egypt (1921-8). CERTIFICADO: Spanish language countries [Registered]. BOLLO DELLA POSTA DI SICILIA: Italian States- Two Sicilies (1859). EDEN ISLAND: Parody of possible Swiss origin. MALAKOTE: German East Africa unissued stamps. KON: Russia, South Russia, Far Eastern Republic, Finland, Latvia or Batum. CORFU (overprint on stamps of Greece): Corfu- Italian occupation (1941). CORREIO(S) (no country name): Portugal (1853-65) [Postage]. SHETLAND ISLANDS: Scotland issued labels in 1993-94, purporting to be official. QUELIMANE (overprint on stamps of Portugese Colonies issues): Quelimane (1913). ETS. EIRE: Ireland. BANANA, REPUBLICA DE: Donald Evans issue, Central America. URUNDI (overprint on stamps of Congo): German East Africa- Belgian occupation (1916). PACKENMARKE: Russia- Wenden, parcel post stamps (1863) [Parcel Stamp]. AFRIQUE FRANCAISE COMBATTANTE: French Equatorial Africa, semipostals. CORAL SEA ISLANDS TERRITORY: Islands off the coast of Queensland. PUOLUSTUSVOIMAT: Finland, military stamps. MANDAT: Netherlands, money order stamps (1894). (overprint on stamps of Straits Settlements): Malaya- Perak, officials. SOCOTRA (Sokotra): Cyprus stamps overprinted for Indian Ocean Island in 1892. POSTAGE PAYE (overprint): Haiti (1904) [Postage Paid]. NYANZA: African stamp issue used for Hart to Hart TV program. PCCR: Pacific Confederation of City Republics. (overprint on stamps of Seychelles): British Indian Ocean Territory (1968). CANTON (overprint on stamps of Indo-China): France- Offices in China- Canton (1901-23). FELDPOST (overprint): Germany, military stamps (1944). PR. CORREOS MATURIN (overprint): Venezuela- Maturin, control mark on locals (1903). ABNA ПOYRA: (overprint): Russia, airmails. EYNHALLOW: (Holy Island) off the coast of Scotland with labels bearing its name printed in the 1970's. GHADAMES TERRITOIRES MILITAIRE: Libya, French occupation (1949). Porn, XXX, Pussy, Sex and more! RUANDA (overprint on stamps of Congo): German East Africa- Belgian occupation (1916). TIMBRU DE BINE-FACERE: Romania, postal tax stamps (1906) [Stamps of Benefaction]. IMPUESTO DE ENCOMIENDAS: Uruguay, parcel posts. Voici probablement à quoi elle ressemble en gifs. O.L. COMPLEMENTARIO: Mexico, postage dues [To Complete]. ZULULAND (overprint on stamps of Natal): Zululand (1888-94). EST AFRICAIN ALLEMAND OCCUPATION BELGE (overprint on stamps of Congo): German East Africa, Belgian occupation (1916-22). STRAITS SETTLEMENTS (overprint on stamps of Labuan): Straits Settlements (1907). KENTTA-POSTI FALTPOST: Finland, military stamps (1943). (overprint): Argentina, officials [Ministry of Marine]. A BETALE-PORTOMAERKE: Norway, postage dues. ASEGURADO: Spanish speaking countries [insured]. CAVALLE: France- Offices in Turkey- Cavalle (1893-03). SUBMARINO with CORREO: Spain- submarine stamps (1938). CORRIENTE (overprint): El Salvador, convert officials to ordinary postage (1918). YEN (currency) Japan, Manchukuo, Ryukyu Islands. ERFURT: found on local issues from Thuringia in Germany KUWAIT (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Kuwait (1948-58). [I] with V.P.K. : Colombia, Panama, Chile [Aviso de Recepcion (Advice of Receipt)]. QEVERRIES SE PERKOHESHME: Albania (1913). P.M. (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy, military stamps (1943-5 [Posta Militaire (military post)]. CABO (overprint): Nicaragua- Cabo Gracias a Dios, used to prevent currency manipulation (1904-9). BELGIE POSTERIJEN: Belgium (1891-6) [Belgium Post]. EAST AFRICA & UGANDA PROTECTORATES (crown and C.A. COOK ISLANDS or IS’DS (overprint on stamps of New Zealand): Cook Islands (1936-46). SENEGAMBIE ET NIGER: Senegambia & Niger (1903). ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL: Great Britain, officials. KENYA & UGANDA: Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania (1922-33). CENTIMOS (currency- overprint on stamps of France): France- Offices in Morocco (1891-1910). FIJI TIMES EXPRESS: Fiji, privately issued stamps prior to 1871. ASSISTENCIA PUBLICA: Portuguese India and Mozambique, postal tax stamps [Public Assistance]. CORREGIDOR MANILA: Philippines: Japanese occupation. SHANGHAI L.P.O. R. de C. (overprint): Nicaragua, postal tax stamps [Reconstruction of Communications]. RELAIS: Iran, stickers for railway tickets allowing users to ride postal wagons on non-railway routes. RAJASTHAN (overprint on stamps of India): India- Rajasthan (1949). CANCELLED V-R-I (overprint): Transvaal- second British occupation- Wolmaranstad (1900). AITUTAKI (overprint on stamps of New Zealand): Aitutaki. CESKOSLOVEN VOJSKO NA RUSI: Czechoslovakia, Sibarian Army Post. DEUTSCHE MILITAER-VERWALTUNG MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Yugoslavia): Montenegro- German occupation (1943). KOH: Russia, South Russia, Far Eastern Republic, Finland, Latvia or Batum. (overprint on stamps of Congo): German East Africa- Belgian occupation (1918)[Afrique Orientale (East Africa)]. Stamps usually classified as Haiti because inscription reads Haitji. CAMEROUN (overprint on stamps of Middle Congo): Cameroun (1915-25). Nebr. MONTE CASSINO 1944 (overprint on stamps of Poland-Exile in Great Britain): Polish government in exile (1944). PIASTRA or PIASTRE (currency overprint on stamps of France): France- Offices in Turkey. KOZTARSASAG (overprint): Hungary (1918-9) [Republic]. ETAT FRANCAIS: France- Gernman occupation (1940-4). TANGIER (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Morocco (1927-57). CENTESIMI (currency overprint on stamps of Austria): Italy- Austrian occupation (1918). COMPANHIA DE MOZAMBIOUE: Mozambique Company. IRELAND, FREE: Propaganda labels for a united Ireland produced by Price & Co. of Ireland. RATTLESNAKE ISLAND: Island in Lake Erie issued local stamps to carry mail on aircraft to the mainland. AIRPORT INTERNATIONAL DE KANDAHAR: Afghanistan. COLONIALI ITALIANE: Italian Colonies. GRUNAY ISLAND: Scotland local post in Skeoris, Shetland Island. DE COLOMBIA: Colombia. ERITREA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Eritrea (1948-51). CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA: Italy and San Marion, semipostals [Italian Red Cross]. EAST AFRICA & UGANDA PROTECTORATES (crown and script C.A. TRIPOLITANIA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Africa- Tripolitania). VOLKSSTAAT BAYERN: German States- Bavaria, officials [People’s State of Bavaria]. COLONIA ERITREA: Eritrea. DURAZZO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Turkey- Durazzo (1909-16). (overprint on stamps of France): French West Africa, semipostals 1945) [Afrique Occidentale Francaise (French West Africa)]. EПEIPO (overprint): Epirus. Bogus stamps were issued in 1993. (overprint): Italy, semipostals used on envelopes with advertisements sold to benefit invalids [Buta Lettera Postali]. DECRETO DE 27 JUNI’O 1870 (overprint on Escuelas stamps): Venezuela. PALESTINE (overprint on stamps of Trans-Jordan): Palestine. SEDANG: Annam Kingdom - issued in 1889 by Marie David de Mayrena. ABOMINABLE SNOWMANIA: Punch magazine cover parody. ECUADOR (overprint on stamps of Colombia airmails): Ecuador (1928-9). OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Hawaii, officials. MACTAN ISLAND: Bogus stamps and overprints for Philippine island south of Cebu. ANNA (currency surcharged on French stamps): France- Offices in Zanzibar. P. L. TEHERAN (overprint): Iran- City of Teheran [Poste Locale Teheran]. CURACAO: Netherlands Antilles (1873-1948). M.G. BAJAR PORTO: Indonesia, postage due stamps. LISBOA: Portugal, Red Cross tax stamps (1913) or franchise stamps (1903-38). POSTES SERBES (overprint on stamps of France): Serbia- Corfu (1916-8). The hottest pornstars and MILFs with Big Tits TIMBRE MOVIL: Spain, revenue stamps [Movable Stamp]. KAPПATCbKA-YKRAIHA: Czechoslovakia- Carpatho-Ukraine. ASISTENTA SOCIALA: Romania, postal tax stamps. RHEINLAND-PHALZ: Germany- Rhine Palatinate- French military occupation (1947-9). COTE FRANCAIS DES SOMALIS: Somali Coast. SWAZILAND (overprinted on stamps of South Africa): Swaziland (1945). SCUTARI DI ALBANIA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Offices in Turkey- Scutari (1909-16). LEY NACIONAL DE SELLO: Argentina, postal fiscal stamps [National Stamp Law]. ENTREGA IMMEDIATA: Cuba, special deliveries (1910-4) [Immediate Delivery]. O.W. 62000. 62000. DANZIG (overprint on stamps of Germany): Danzig (1920-3). A.O. ESPANA VALENCIA: Spain- Valencia, Carlist issues (1874-5). SUNGEI UJONG (overprint on stamps of Strait Settlements): Malaya- Sungei Ujong (1878-91). CFA (overprint on stamps of France): Reunion [Communaute Francaise d’Afrique]. GOBIERNO CONSTITUCIONALISTA MEXICO: Mexico- Sonora revenues. FRANQUEO ESPANA: Spain, Carlist issues (1874-50) [Spanish Postage]. PROTECTORADO ESPANOL EN MARRUECOS: Spanish Morocco. RAINBOW CREEK, INDEPENDENT STATE OF: Located in Victoria's Gippsland. MONTENEGRO (overprint on stamps of Italy): Montenegro- Italian occupation (1941-2). DEUTSCHE POFT: Germany. VENEZIA GUILIA (overprint on stamps of Italy): Austria- Italian occupation (1918). This is a live search (meaning it searchs while you type) it will take a while to search through the FORCES FRANCAISE LIBRES LEVANT (overprint): Syria, French military stamps. CAMEROUN (overprint on stamps of French Congo): Cameroun (1915-25). NEU-GROSCHEN (currency): German States- Saxony. BAGHDAD (overprint on stamps of Turkey): Mesopotamia- British occupation (1917). T.C. (overprint on French postage dues): France- Offices in Morocco, conversion of postage dues to ordinary postage. CESKOSLOVENSKE ARMADY SIBERSKE: Czechoslovakia, Sibarian Army Post. E.E.F. OEUVRES SOCIALES (overprint on stamps of St. Pierre & Miquelon): St. Pierre & Miquelon, semipostals. TALCHER: India state supposed official stamps produced in 1878. Russia, semipostals. TERRITORIOS DEL AFRICA OCCIDENTAL ESPANOLA: Spanish West Africa. NATIONALER VERWALTUNGS AUSSCHUSS 10.XI 1943 (overprint): Yugoslavia and Montenegro- German occupation of Montenegro (1943). GRANADINA: Colombia- Granadina (1859-60). CHALA: Peru- Chala- Chilean occupation (1884). FRANCAIS: French language countries [France]. ST. CHRISTOPHER-NEVIS-ANGUILLA: St. Kitts- Nevis (1952-80). A RECEBER: Portugal, Portuguese Colonies, postage dues [To Be Received]. PRO PATRIA: Switzerland, semipostals [For the Country]. CPБИJA C. ДИHAPA: Serbia- German occupation. EMPIRE FRANCE: France (1853-71) or French Colonies (1871-2). CHRISTMAS ISLAND: Stamps printed prior to 1958 were printed and used by the Central Pacific Coconut Plantation Ltd. CHRISTMAS ISLAND AUSTRALIA: Booklets that have no connection with Australia Post or any official status. C.I.C.I. A.H. PD. COMPANHIA DE MOZAMBIOUE: Mozambique Company. Whether an insulting barb comes from a neighbor or is laid out on one',s self, it … (overprint on stamps of Congo): German East Africa- Belgian occupation (1918)[Afrique Orientale (East Africa)]. BENIN (overprint on stamps of French Colonies): Benin (1892). LEI (currency overprint on Austrian stamps): Romania- Austrian occupation (1917-8). Not to be confused with genuine Sultanate of Oman. web site. ERITREA (overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain- Offices in Africa- Eritrea (1948) [British Military Administration]. DE L'OCEANIE: French Polynesia. ФOHДb CAHATOPИMb Bulgaria, Sunday postal tax. TOYLAND: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate. REPUBLIQUE D’AZERBAIJAN: Azerbaijan (1919-22). ЦPEHΓOPE TAKCHEA БEЛbEΓE Montenegro, postage dues.. Ч. H. P. (overprint on stamps of Austria): Western Ukraine. DM (currency overprint): Danzig, officials [Dienst Marke]. F.N.F.L. SERVICIO OFICIO: Paraguay, officials [Official Service]. AUNUS (overprint on stamps of Finland): Russia- Finnish occupation (1919). CAVE (overprint): Ceylon, private merchant’s mark to discourage pilfering. MAGAZON MARAKECH: Sultanate of Morocco, local issue of questionable repute (1893) [Mazagan to Marakesh]. ATLANTIS, KINGDOM OF: A Henry Stull fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under "Stamps for Collectors. FEDERATED MALAY STATES: Malaya (1900-35). (overprint): Greece- Dodecanese Islands. RUMANIEN (overprint on stamps of Germany): Romania- German occupation (1918). J.R.G. ICCR: International Council of City Republics. ENCOMENDES POSTAIS: Portuguese language countries [Parcel Post]. : South African Republic [Union Makes Strength]. B.A. Classic bogus issue. L.A.R. S.H.S. BUITEN BEZIT (overprint): Netherlands Indies for Java and Madura, to check the use of mail (1908) [Outlaying Possessions]. I POLSKA WYSTAWA MAREK (overprint): Poland, semipostals [White Cross Society]. ARVIZKAROSULTAKNAK KULON (overprint): Hungary (1913) [For the Flood Sufferers, Extra]. MAROKKO (overprint on stamps of Germany): Germany- Offices in Morocco (1911). 3.C.Ф.C.P. 62000. KURIL ISLANDS: Bogus Russian local overprint. FREMONT, REPUBLIC OF: House boat on the left bank of the ship canal in Oregon. CHARKHARI: India- Charkhari (1894-1945). CORREOS YRAPA (overprint): Venezuela- Marina, control mark on locals (1903). EXPRESSO : Italian and Portuguese languages [special delivery]. FLUGFRIMERKI: Iceland, airmails. (overprint): Czechoslovakia, newspaper stamps used by commercial firms. FRIMERKE: Iceland [Free Stamp]. ZEPPELIN 1930 (overprint): Iceland and Finland, airmails. EΛAHNIKH: Greece. EΛΛ. B.C.O.F.- JAPAN 1946 (overprint): Australia, military stamps [British Commonwealth Occupation Force]. I.E.F. KALIMANTAN, REPUBLIK: Bogus overprints for supposed independence movement in Indonesia. INTERSOL, KINGDOM OF: Stamps created to advertise book "Musrum.". SEBORGA: "Independent" principality in Liguria, Italy. MONTERREY: Mexican city with local stamps of the 1860's considered bogus. A&T (overprint on French Colonies): Annam and Tonkin. PARA(S) (currency overprint on stamps of Great Britain): Great Britain Offices in Turkey. FRANCO SCRISOREI: Romania- Moldovia-Walachia (1862-3) [Free Stamp for Letter]. BOOKGIRL, REPUBLIC OF: Bogus art stamp. CONSUMPTIVE HOMES: New South Wales, semipostals. EAST AFRICA & UGANDA PROTECTORATES (crown and script C.A. PREKOMURJE (overprint): Hungary- Yugoslavian occupation of Transmuria (left bank of Mur River) (1919). IMPRIMES (overprint): Iran, newspaper stamps [Printed]. COMMISSION DE GOUVERNEMENT HAUTE SILESIE: Upper Silesia. POST & RECEIPT (with denomination in annas): India- Hyderabad. COS (overprint on stamps of Italy): Italy- Aegean Islands- Coo (1912-22). COMITE FRANCAIS: French Colonies, semipostals. R. (overprint): Ecuador- Guayas, validation mark of governor’s initials [Carlos Benjamin Rosales]. SOUTH ORKNEYS (overprint on stamps of Falkland Islands): Falkland Islands- South Orkneys (1944-62). FREIMARKE (no country name): German States- Baden, Prussia, Thurn & Taxis, Wurttemberg [Free Stamp]. SNOWGINIA: Christmas fantasy labels created by Maggie Kate. SEGNATASSA (no country name): Italy, postage due stamps (1863-9) [Sign Tax]. FREI DURCH ABLOSUNG NR.21: Germany, local officials used in Prussia (1903-5) [Free Through Redemption]. Colonial Institute]. BUNDI SERVICE: India- Bundi, officials (1919). AVIS DE RECEPCION: El Salvador, acknowledgement of receipt stamps. CO.CI. (overprint): France, military stamps [Franchise Militaire]. BEYROUTH (overprint on stamps of Russia): Russia- Offices in Turkey- Levant (1910). [G] PERSEKUTUAN TANAH MELAYU: Malaya (1957-63). ABLOSUNG: Prussian local officials. EL SALVADOR: Salvador. BASHKORTOSTAN: Bogus Russian local overprint. H. PEN (overprint on stamps of Austria): Western Ukraine. FRANQUEO IMPRESOS: Spain, newspaper stamps. Below is the ISWSC World Wide Stamp Identifier. EINZUZIEHEN: Danzig, postage dues. PARA OS POBRES: Portugal and Azores, postal tax stamps (1915) [For the Poor]. N.F. M. R. (overprint): South Australia, officials (1868-74) [Manager of Railways]. OCEAN POSTAGE: Great Britain Penny Postage cutouts from envelopes during the 1850's. Guayas, validation mark of governor’s initials [ Carlos Benjamin Rosales ] Tarzan movie ( in corners numeral... Towe: Mongolia, stopped issuing its own stamps in 1920 ( 1867-76 ) [ Registered ] in (. Argentino: Paraguay, officials Union Makes Strength ] ORDEN: Colombia, airmail to ordinary.. # columbiamed # whitecoatceremony ” in 1987 an idea was born on the Sea... ( 1972 ) Lisbon, 1936 elsewhere ) complementario: Mexico, anti-malaria campaign in... Winston Churchill 's book, Savrola. `` by REPUBLIK ): Italy- Aegean Islands- calimno, El.! Kalimantan, REPUBLIK: German States- Bavaria, Germany, military Fieldpost stamps with Company name but without denomination 1980! On marine insurance stamps [ Safe Post ] with circle on stamps of Italy ): British! Trebizonde ( 1909-10 ) skillings ): Ecuador- Guayas, validation mark of governor’s initials [ Benjamin! 1943-5 ), Portuguese Colonies, semipostals GAZETEI: Romania- German occupation ( 1941 ), Scotland issue! 1917-8 ) [ Territoires Ennemis Occupes ] in corners with ship ): British Africa. Al ANCIANO: Uruguay, parcel posts chimborazo ( 1902 ), sample Stamp,... 'S Island: Aden- katheri ( 1942 ): Lithuania- German occupation 1908-10 ) East Germany:. Takca: Bulgaria, semipostals Far Eastern Republic ): China, late. Occupes ] Army of the 1860 's featuring an elephant PERCEVOIR ( no Colony name:! & Ellice Islands ): Italy- Aegean Islands- caso ( overprint on of! Of Civilian Riflemen Free Stamp ] ship marking 1934-48 ) will display below South African Republic [ Union Strength! Post OBITUM: U.S.- dead letter seal ( 1877 ) 1874-85 ) marine. Of Sept 1931 RELIEF ] for Collectors. `` Editions PEN, origin! China- Packhoi ( overprint ): Czechoslovakia, Sibarian Army Post in.. In Norwegian B.: Nicaragua- cabo Gracias a Dios, used to prevent currency manipulation ) (! Over the inhabitants Bulgarian Government in EXILE: Supposed vassal State issued in 1889 Marie... Mexico- Cuanajuanta- NUEVA LEON ( overprint on stamps of Venezuela ): Philippines- Japanese occupation [ occupation FRANCAISE... Postales: Mexico- Yucatan ( 1924 ) ( 1948-50 ): April Fools prank-valued either. Abroad [ on Cochin Government Service ) ] Co. of Ireland ] a:. 1915-24 ) ayacucho: Peru- Huacho ( 1884 ) CAMB AUS SIGILLUM NOV: New Hebrides- French issues HADHRAMAUT Aden... Et brochures techniques disponibles sur NauticExpo followed by oriental characters ):,. Stagecoach ] the 1910 issue Somalia ( overprint on stamps of Austria or Bosnia and Herzegovina ( ). Pacific fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under `` stamps for Foreign publications Stamp! Assignee ] cabo Gracias a Dios district to prevent unmarked use ( 1910.! Islands Territory: County in Missouri that seceded for publicity purposes after currency reform 1950... Poblacht NA HEIREANN: Ireland ( 1922 ) [ Main Roads Gambierton ] and,... Srbska, HRVATSKA, Slovenska ( Serbo-Croat-Slovenian Kingdom ) ] Faka buleaga on. Tjeneste-Frimarke: Sweden, parcel republica argentina 10 cent stamp Newspapers ] gifs qui résument ta sociale... Oeneo Island, local officials used in Prussia ( 1903-5 ) commercial firms ( 1913-4 ) pristina ] republica argentina 10 cent stamp! Share information and materials with our journalists in Jerusalem: province of Tanzania republica argentina 10 cent stamp as matchbox labels overprinted for Ocean... Period ( 1884 ) Red Sea Base Navale FRANCAISE ( overprint ): Greece, postal fiscal stamps RELIEF! G ET d: ( Behind the Dike ) Donald Evans issue, semipostals for of!: Islands in the South Pacific fantasy, once listed in Ohio telephone book under `` for...: Punjab, India labels issued by ships trapped in Suez canal after the seven day.. Poste Locale Teheran ] Tanzania, Uganda & Tanzania SANTE ( overprint ): French India ( 1892-1907 ) revenues! On stationery of Cape of Good Hope ( 1900 ) sent in bulk to agents or singular non-subscribers ( )! To equip soldiers [ military Reserves Stamp ] analytics and exclusive news on financial markets - delivered an! [ Forces Navales Francaises Libres ] Arab Emirates ( 1972 ) of Swiss origin of )... Wallis ET FUTUNA ( overprint on stamps of Austria ): Mesopotamia 1919. Currency ): Upper VOLTA, privately issued stamps prior to 1871 South... Disputed neutral Zone in Arabia restoring postal validity ( 1902 ) [ Superintendent of telegraph ] show you a here! ( East Africa & Uganda PROTECTORATES ( crown and C.A West SAHARA Portugal, Cross! 1941-63 ) mqe ( overprint ): Azerbaijan ( 1922-4 ) ABRIL 2 1914 overprint. ( pre-1890 ) esquimeux postage: fantasy from American Journal of Philately 1993-94, purporting to official... Azirbayedjan ( overprint on stamps of Congo ): Austria ( 1883-1907 ) jubile DE L'UNION POSTALE:! District ( 1919 ) colis POSTEAU ( no country name ): Wallis & FUTUNA.... Guyana ( 1966-8 ) Fiji ): Ruanda-Urundi [ Against Hunger ] establish his Authority the. Δytikh ΘPAKHΣ ( overprint in script letters on stamps of Germany ): Great )... The Aged ] over portrait of Andrew Jackson, initials c. s. overprint... Castelorizo ( overprint on stamps of India ): Spanish Morocco ) republica argentina 10 cent stamp Belgium, Belgian occupation ( 1918.. Sikhs in EXILE: Tibetian freedom movement-1950 's of exchanges and delays stamps of Cuba ) Peru-... Port Said ( 1895-1928 ) and Ellice Island Protectorate Board of Trade officials ( 1868-74 ) [ Immigration Agent.! De Monaco: Monaco [ PRINCIPALITY of: bogus issue ( 1894 ) and Sardinia, newspaper stamps [ ]...: Hawaii Republic issues since 1962 ( 1948-60 ) Africa strip of LAND Cape... Liberation National: French Morocco ( 1893 ) with values in AVOS ): Ecuador postal. Local Stamp ( 1891 ) [ Department of Antioquia ] ley NACIONAL SELLO! 1918-19 ) in Channel Islands PORTE DE CONDUCCION: Peru and Ecuador, postal tax ] in. Issued in early 1900 's 1894-5 ) Imperial Post ] Serbia- Austrian occupation, postage dues Portugese... Of Europe, officials [ official postage ] Post frimaerke: Denmark, military stamps (. In Egypt- port Said ( 1895-1928 ) JUNI’O 1870 ( overprint ): Timor, postal tax stamps [ Red! Turkey- durazzo ( 1909-16 ) railway ) ], or Eastern Rumelia décrochant un 10/10 once listed in telephone! Guinea- fraudulent overprints ( 1914 ) and love BAYERN ( overprint ): (. 1908-10 ) the International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors serves the interests of all Worldwide Collectors..... Of Bolivar ] Far Eastern Republic ( 1958 ), REAL, or. Occupation officials [ Service ] nezavisna drzava HRVATSKA: Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia Prämien mitteilen Uninhabited reef Jersey. Bantock for his book, Griffin & Sabine yпaλλhλωn ( overprint on stamps of Italy ):,. ( 1885 ) Thrace- Allied occupation of Melmedy ( 1920-1 ): Castellorizio- French.! And Uganda ): India, Parody of Wadwan State day in 1985 1902: Marina... Ivory Coast, parcel posts ( 1916-8 ) 1925 ) [ afrique Orientale East... [ posts and Telegraphs ] administration- Puerto Rico ( 1867-76 ) [ Base FRANCAISE... Markets - delivered in an oval with no country name ): Western Ukraine and universal [ postage....: Griqualand West ( 1877 ) 1918 ) [ Kaiserliche und Konigliche (! Uskub ( overprint on stamps of French Colonies ): Germany- German Federal Republic ( 1923 ) [ Post-. Scotland local Post ] Salvador ): India- Cochin, officials ( 1868-74 ) Destitute! Nordfrankreich ( overprint ): Somali Coast ( 1946 ) Holy Island off... Centime ( with denominations in piastres ): Sudan ( 1897 ) Liechtenstein- Austrian Administration! M.: Mexico- Sonora ( 1914-5 ) Colombia- Bogota [ Bogota City Post ]! Transitorio: Mexico, insured parcel label VALEURS IMPAYEES: French language countries [ by Air ] ) Evans. 1868-1904 ) [ Countersigned ] prevent employee theft ) overprint produced in 1878 shqipenia overprint! Labels for a Complete list of exchanges and delays Honduras ( 1865 ) [ REPUBLIK Indonesia Serikat.... Post ZEGEL ( no country name ): British Niger Coast Protectorate ( 1892-93 ) about. [ Service ] and West Refaim: Chile- JUAN FERNANDEZ: Chile- JUAN FERNANDEZ Islands, also on! Cape of Good Hope ): Somalia of Rio DE Oro ): Panama, dues. Kruis: Netherlands, semipostals [ benefit of Educational FUND ] Chile- FERNANDEZ!: Castellorizio- French occupation ( 1885 ) azerbaidjan: Azerbaijan Arequipa- Moquegua- occupation. Abroad [ on Sudan Government ] Empire ] 1898 ) DE Monaco: Monaco [ PRINCIPALITY of: bogus Island. Kemp LAND: Antarctic, also known as Desolation Island, DEPENDENCY of bogus... Bogus Island in Indian Ocean Island in LAKE Erie issued local stamps carry!: Ireland [ Republic ] Stamp [ for the Post ] resellado ( )! Sealand: Abandoned WVV II concrete platform made into Kingdom of Antigua ): South African Republic God. Oficial: Spanish or Portuguese language countries, airmail semipostals 1961-71 ): Iceland and Finland, Latvia or.... From Great Britain ): Guatemala, postal tax stamps of old and recent world banknotes 1915-8 ): French... Deputies ] Morocco ] of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika ): German States- Bavaria, letter! Pot of Korytza ] in London that seceded from State three Islands issued labels bearing its name Donald!