Month: October 2011

Gloria Dei Church Letter of Recommendation

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with complete confidence that I write this letter of recommendation for Clay Morrison, Licensed Public Adjuster. I have known Clay for over 15 years as a fellow member of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church and more recently as we worked together professionally to recover a loss on behalf of our congregation.

Within hours after hurricane Ike damaged our church buildings, Clay was here to provide property loss consulting to ensure Gloria Dei’s insurance claim was handled fairly, efficiently and expediently. Clay was our expert interface on insurance issues and spent countless hours interpreting policy, detailing damages, consulting for repairs, and communicating with insurance adjusters. At first we thought we could go it alone, but the decision to bring Clay into the process was one of the best we ever made.

The total damage claim was over $525k and I am certain that we would have mistaken some of the loss if it hadn’t been for Clay’s thorough analysis and experienced knowledge. Regrettably, we ended up in litigation on the Business Interruption portion of our claim. The formidable legal team which our insurance carrier had assembled didn’t question even a single element of Clay’s work. Their lead counsel summed it up, “You guys had Clay Morrison work the property side­ he knows what he’s doing, we don’t contest any of that.”

In every interaction with Clay, I’ve observed him to be professional, courteous, and forthright. He manages his business services and personal relationships with integrity and Christian character. I would not hesitate to refer Clay to any individual or business who has a need for expert loss consultation.

Vincent Parks
Executive Director of Ministry

Mike Amoroso Letter of Recommendation

Amoroso Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

Morrison and Morrison, Inc.

After my house was severely damaged by hurricane Ike, I quickly realized I would need help from someone that had experience negotiating with insurance carriers. I was very fortunate to have found Morrison and Morrison.

Although my house was damaged beyond repair and required demolition, the flood insurance offered me only 9% of my house value. To get beyond their initial settlement offer required a long and taxing fight with the flood insurance. I contracted with Morrison and Morrison because I needed help. Clay and Ruth Morrison have the experience, knowledge and personal contacts to escalate my case through the bureaucracy of the flood insurance to reach an acceptable settlement.

I’m convinced that without their help, I would have been forced to settle for a small fraction of the final settlement amount, and in effect lost my life savings. Contracting Morrison and Morrison was certainly one of the best decisions that I made.

Michael T. Amoroso

Industrial Materials, Inc. Letter of Recommendation

IMC Reference Letter

Mr. Clay Morrison
Morrison & Morrison, Inc,
2951 Marina Bay Dr. #130-315
League City, TK 77573

Dear Clay,

Thank you for your excellent work on behalf of Industrial Material Corp, (IMC) in making certain we received all we were due after Hurricane Ike, We recovered far more than we would have without your help; and your thoroughness allowed us to focus on serving our Customers and taking care of our people,

Not only would we recommend Morrison & Morrison to anyone considering a Property Loss Consultant Moreover, after our very positive experience with you, we would also recommend using Consultant, even if you are adequately insured and have done your due diligence, vs, doing it yourself

Best Regards,

Texas City/ La Marque Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

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September 29, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Re: Morrison and Morrison, Inc.

I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Morrison and Morrison, Inc. Clay Morrison was kind enough to speak to our Chamber membership recently at our Hurricane Preparedness Luncheon. Many of our members later thanked us for the information that Clay provided to them, and the event was a great success. Living on the Gulf Coast gives our members the challenge from time to time of dealing with disasters. By providing this type of information trying times are more manageable, our businesses are up and running quicker, our citizens are provided for more efficiently and our city runs at its highest level even during critical events. Morrison and Morrison is a member of the Texas City – La Marque Chamber of Commerce and we are proud to have the expertise that is provided by them.

Morrison and Morrison, Inc. is a highly qualified organization, and I am certain that their services to you will be professional and reliable.

Jimmy Hayley