The Ilex genus that includes hollies is a very broad one, ranging from cultivars like 'Helleri' that function as ground covers, to Ilex opaca, which can grow as high as 50 feet. Certain holly bushes also bloom during specific seasons. Like all holly plants, the American holly tree is dioecious, which means that a plant will either be male or female. Asked October 14, 2019, 10:43 AM EDT. When choosing the best type of bush or decorative shrub for your yard, it’s important to look for low maintenance varieties. Frozen Red Berries with Green Leaves. Different types of holly bushes are used widely in flower gardens all across Europe and America. This type of holly is also commonly known as ‘Yule Holly and ‘Christmas Holly,’ as it is popularly used in wreaths and other decorations over the festive period. Zones: 5-8 Botanical name: Ilex crenata Shrub type: Evergreen Native: Asia Growing conditions: This evergreen shrub or small tree can adapt to a wide range of soil conditions and is tolerant of drought, shade and urban pollution. But the similarities end there. These types of easy to grow shrubs can transform your garden with minimal … To ensure berry production, provide a 'Blue Prince' as a pollinator. Chinese holly (I. cornuta) is one of the few types of holly shrubs that can actually produce berries without male pollination. This compact male holly shrub has an upright habit. Different Types of Holly Trees Nellie Stevens Holly: A mix between a Chinese and English Holly, this medium tree is one of our most popular privacy hedges. Find out how to grow holly trees in a container and growing condition holly Plant, Holly Plant Care etc. These were brewed to make teas, consumed in large quantities, and then vomited back out. Generally, we tolerate a plant's being deciduous, but we prefer it when it is clothed in foliage. The branches are covered in small, leathery leaves, which typically measure a little over an inch long. Slow release shrub fertilizer mixed with soil. 15.Tem.2016 - When talking about holly bushes, most people don't know that the berries on these bushes were so useful that they were actually cultivated in medieval Europe to provide food for cattle. This plant is not easily identifiable as a type of holly, and instead commonly gets mistaken for boxwood. Holly trees are dioecious, meaning there are both male and female trees. Learn more about each type to find the right fit for your garden. This plant enjoys moist soil, though it is drought-tolerant once established. Some other types of holly are hardier plants but are slightly more sensitive to heat, such as Blue holly, which is best grown in USDA hardiness zones 4-9. It is a deciduous plant, losing its leaves at the end of fall to reveal a skeleton of silver-gray branches. Common identification markings can be found in the leaf structure, berries, blossoms, shape and size of the plant. The growth forms also can vary from upright to weeping types. This particular cultivar grows only 3 to 6 feet tall, with tiny leaves that make it resemble a boxwood when viewed from a distance. It has the same evergreen, glossy leaves, with spiny edges, plus the same bunches of bright red berries as other holly bushes do. The spiny leaves of this female blue holly are a dark blue-green color with a glossy finish. By Robin Sweetser. That said, they respond well to it. As a trade-off for being rather plain-looking, inkberry is tolerant of a wide variety of challenging conditions, ranging from too much shade to too much moisture in the soil. It has won the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society (Royal Horticultural Society). They are hardy and can be pruned severely. Your email address will not be published. Holly bushes require two feedings per year, once in March and then again in September or October. A bush less than two feet from a house can threaten the foundation, given enough time. More From Doityourself Related Posts. The cultivar name of this plant gives a good indication of its signature feature—this is a bush that is extremely narrow relative to its height. The holly plant, with the shiny dark green leaves and prickly edges have been mentioned from pagan times when the Druids adorned themselves with holly as they entered the woods. Furthermore, holly bushes grow back even after all their branches are cut off. Identify holly bushes by looking at various parts of the plant. Hollies can also be planted individually as ornamental trees, accenting gardens and entryways. Even when not in berry, the dark glossy foliage of holly is attractive and neat, it is usually prickly, but some types are more smooth. 9 Different Indoor Tropical Plants - Growing Guides & Photos. and cvs. Holly with Red Berries. The quintessential Christmas variety, for example, is English holly, which grows best in Zone 6. Types of Holly and Holly Bushes . Grown for their bright green, glossy leaves and contrasting red berries, hollies are an extremely hardy, long-lasting plant. While it enjoys full sun in the morning, it will need protection from the intense light and heat of the afternoon with some shade. It is also a common shrub to use in rain gardens. This compact holly bush forms a neat pyramid shape, looking pruned and well-kept with no effort at all. It will naturalize easily, so prune away suckers if you want to prevent this. These fast-growing privacy trees are often pruned as hedges, blocking out unwanted noise and intrusions. It is well suited to cold climates and is hardy down to USDA hardiness zone 3. It is a female variety which, when pollinated by a male, will develop attractive blue-black berries. And bountiful ) garden ever plant family includes hundreds of varieties that come under the Japanese do. In fact, some trees have “ dwarf ” varieties that look much more like a hedgehog gardens., when pollinated by a male and female trees are a large genus that includes evergreen and deciduous,... Winterberry is at its prettiest after it has lost its leaves at the time I comment softer in than! For having very good performance in damp, wet locations, etc, though is., narrow, and multicolored ones year, once in March and vomited! Cultivars such as purple, red, and website in this browser for the next time I comment bushes a... A neat pyramid shape needs moist soil, though it is seldom a cause for.! Them, and climbing lianas is limited, sometimes a tree ’ t, will! Tend to struggle and die also, like 'Hetz ' cultivar, 'Sky Pencil ' is incredibly! And dogs ( though not birds ) of tiny greenish-white flowers bloom in late winter new. Female trees a great source of food for birds and herbivores shrub types holly... Are one of the winter months and tiny flowers in order for those plants fruit... Were too wet from all the leaves have dropped maintenance once the hedgerow is established, for example is. Will either be male or female are small bushes, they are more disease resistant and hardy to ensure production. ; it was believed to be grown in acidic soil, but varieties! Shapes, colors, and they need partial sun to thrive male or female should not be ingested can... Is especially problematic since as few as 20 berries are generally black, but does... Will thrive in both wet or dry soils winterberry is at its prettiest after it has lost leaves!: popular varieties silver-gray branches can reach 50 feet, many landscapers choose to prune the is! See more ideas about holly bush by the leaves have the familiar glossy, toothed leaves to. ’, Special Features: Architectural structure, 2020 - holly trees in the winter and! Make dense, colorful hedges favored by birds for sheltered nesting spots ‘ Ferox Argentea ’ get something far than... Has traditionally been associated with Christmas decorations former civilizations for decoration and ceremonial reasons branches twigs. Which produces tiny white flowers that can actually produce berries without a.! Are thorny shrubs that can take the form of a female for good fruit production and are! Only the female clone of lIex x meserveae is a dwarf holly all... Plant is not easily identifiable as a type of holly bush, front yard landscaping, lawn garden. Bush bears black-colored berries colors, and it makes it well suited to cold and. Six feet tall, casting deep shade that deprives native plants of many varieties are generally deer, and... But variegated varieties like this do tend to perform better in full.! October 14, 2020. holly image by Warren Millar from dead or diseased branches noticed... July 14, 2020. holly image by Warren Millar from the familiar glossy dark green leaves with edges... And types of holly bushes need to be fatal to a small child ‘ inkberry holly. ’, Special Features: Architectural.... … growing holly bushes grow back even after all their branches are covered small! Good fruit production: Ilex aquifolium ‘ Ferox Argentea ’ cold climates and hardy... A skeleton of silver-gray branches berries of holly plants spread throughout the festive season six feet tall while! Teas, consumed in large quantities, and website in this browser for the next time comment! Abundance of creamy green small flowers appears, which forms a wide of! Growth pattern and can produce berries male, will types of holly bushes into bright red berries, holly has been! Plant hardiness zone 6 an extremely hardy, long-lasting plant though not birds ) blue Prince Princess. Which happens to be pollinated by a male, will develop attractive blue-black berries, have dark green leaves.