Bread flour and All-purpose flour: Mixing these two kinds of flour allows us to control the protein content of the bread.Which just means that it will give the bread … I just want to ask if use instant yeast what would be the instruction for that? This recipe is deserving of commendation for precision, details, and choice of food products used. The filling was so nice. Spanish Bread is a favorite ‘merienda’ or afternoon snack in the Philippines that can be found in many local bakeries. Spanish Bread brings back memories of hot afternoon snacks back home with these soft bread coming out of brown paper bags, warm and fresh from the bakery. Thank you so much for sharing I’m going to try it I hope it stays nice and soft not like my old recipe… do you have recipe for Portos cream puffs ? I thought perhaps I haven’t knead it as required so may just use a mixer next time I bake them. Hello there, Erika! Hello Thess! if you use instant yeast, do you still need to do the proofing or just mix directly with the flour mix? Also what kind of milk I use for the “warm milk”? I don’t think I saw in the instructions when you would add this ingredient. You can use instant yeast, follow same instructions. With mixer on low speed, add milk and butter mixture to flour mixture. The only thing I did different on accident was brush the evaporated milk and sprinkle after the second proof but it still turned out fine . I was thinking that too. You may need to use up to 1/8 cup of additional flour. While waiting, pre-heat oven at 150°C or 302°F. Thank you for your recipe, i have used it for pandesal, pande coco and even cheese rolls, I use butter instead of canola oil and the bread always taste good. Hi, Just wondering how long does spanish bread lasts? I know it smells nice and heavenly but that delicious filling needs more time before you take that bite. Hi Anna! I made these beauties. Add the dry yeast and let it stand for 5-10 minutes until it becomes foamy. Just wondering how come your bread looks more on the yellow side? Loading… If you want to make these spanish bread more soft and long lasting you may add the Chinese secret bread ingredients to this recipe Tangzhong ingredient. Maraming salamat din ! And it turned to be quite an easy recipe. Nancy. I will check out the cream puffs next time we go to the US. Hot chocolate is super, too. Flour a board and dust your hands with flour as well. Hello! You can also make your own and it is easy. Hello Weng! Ingredients 1 envelop dry yeast 7 grams 1 cup warm milk 1 tsp white sugar 3 cups flour ¼ cup sugar 1 tsp salt 3 tbsp vegetable oil ½ cup breadcrumbs for dusting ¼ cup milk for brushing Try checking bakeries in the Philippines and you’ll almost never see anyone who doesn’t sell this bread. Try this ube bread recipe — it’s packed with ube halaya and topped with toasted coconut!) Did i miss an ingredient? Hello, Melissa! You can probably try the shredded coconut but my concern is that the coconut will toast very quick. What kind of bread crumbs did you use? Hi, may i know if i can use raw sugar instead of brown sugar for this recipe? I noticed this recipe didn’t require adding a tablespoon of sugar to proof the yeast? Repeat with the rest of the portions. The evaporated milk is one used for brushing the rolls after they are shaped. Using whole wheat flour will make your dough very sticky to handle. Thank you. Sanna, Thank you to the recipes my hubby loved the Spanish bread, now I have to figure out what my son loves he like chocolate guess my next move is making regular mamon and chocolate mamon. I used plain all-purpose flour. 3.84 from 6 votes Print Recipe Pin Recipe Like Pandesal, Spanish bread is a very well-known bakery bread item in the Philippines.It’s rolled in breadcrumbs before it hits the oven and baked into a golden perfection. Thank you very much! Thank you, Hello Ann! Hello Marivi! 1 Egg. This is a grainy mixture at this point. Fresh out of the oven they were a little crunchy yet pillowy soft inside! They were amazing!!! I did not realize my bread is on the yellow side. I am not sure why mine is yellower;) I have got that comment once already. Your email address will not be published. Grease the bowl and put back the dough. They are very soft and they satisfy my sweet tooth whenever I crave for something sweet. You will roll them starting on the short edge, the oval is facing you vertically. The only thing I noticed was after cooling it down the next day it gets harder. Sunflower oil should be ok to use:). Thank you for the recipe! Place them in a greased baking tray or line the tray with parchment paper. Sorry you had trouble. Please let me know if you have more questions. Thank you for your feedback! I am so glad you liked the recipe! I am so happy that you liked Spanish Bread. Read More…. Add the sugar, eggs, salt and oil to the bowl and stir everything with a wooden spoon. Hello Emily! The recipe is easy however, it requires few hours of waiting time before you can achieve the perfect bread roll. Hello Nikki! How to make the classic Spanish Bread?This recipe yields 16 pcs Spanish bread. Sanna is a wife and mother of three, living in Manitoba Canada. For my first post here in KP, I will be sharing a recipe for Pan de Coco, which is a soft bread roll stuffed with sweetened grated coconut meat. Thank you, Hi Claire! Will be making this again. Remove the cover and place the baking tray in the middle of the rack. Hi, would like to ask how many min do you preheat oven? Or did you do use the warm milk + evaporated milk to bloom the yeast for step 1? Hello Cherilynne! . About 3-4 days at room temperature , Hi! Hope it works well. Hello, thinking of making these but wondering what kind of breadcrumbs to use. Hi! . It is a popular Filipino snack sold in most of the local bakeries that dot almost every street in the Philippines. Lightly brush each roll with milk, roll it in a bowl with breadcrumbs then cover with a kitchen towel. Good luck . Thanks for a super recipe! Italian. Hello Bobby! Hi. I do have a question, was I supposed to add the evaporated milk with the warm milk and yeast? The evap is used for brushing on the shaped dough:). That is right, I believe these are called Senorita bread too. Hello Anastasia! Thanks! I am sanna. My family loves it and will be making it again. And what is the measurement? What did i do wrong. I have tried twice at making these Spanish breads and have failed because of either too much yeast or not the right type of flour—-bread … Spanish Bread are soft bread rolls that are filled with a sweet, buttery paste, dusted with bread crumbs and baked to golden perfection. Thank you for sharing your variation of adding honey to the dough Happy baking! Don’t let the dough rise for more than necessary. I was wondering at what point you add the evaporated milk to the bread? Very addictive, I can say. Hello! Hi Heidi! Or will that affect the bread texture? I have not tried using unbleached ap flour for this, and I am guessing that if you do, you may need to adjust a bit in the flour amount to achieve the perfect dough consistency before kneading. I made these and they were the best! I am thhinking it is just the lighting Thanks again and happy baking always , Hi. If one wanted to freeze part of the recipe would you do it before or after you bake them? Hi Maam, just wondering because I made this today using your recipe, but after I baked it, i noticed my bread is more white in color but when I watched your video and saw the after photos your bread is more yellow in color. I would like to thank you for your pandesal.and spanish bread recipes , I.did make it nicely.cause your instruction are clear, I try other recipes but yours work out great. I am so happy you enjoyed this , These are so good. Soft or crunchy? Would oatmeal or shredded coconut possibly work? What is pan de sal. Hello there! Hello Paula! Gently punch the dough down and divide it into 18-20 portions. . Turn the dough over onto the board and start kneading. Thank you in advance. Maybe they rose for too long? It’s then rolled in bread crumbs and baked until golden brown and delicious! The chunky filling that is sweet and buttery is a nice contrast to the soft bread surrounding it. What's the difference with and without egg? Hi Nancy! I still suggest using the same instructions even if you use instant yeast . So simple, yet so good. Hi Elvie, tried your Spanish bread recipe and the taste turned out really good… thanks! I made it yesterday and it was sooo good my family loved it specially my hubby. May I ask if I wanted to only do half of your recipe how should I lessen the ingredients? Hello Christine! Just follow the procedure, but in the bowl of a stand mixer. Cover them loosely with plastic wrap and let them rise for an hour. In the bowl of a stand mixer, combine yeast, 1 1/2 cups flour, sugar and salt. I saw in your soft cheese bread that you made a overnight dough. Once they are done, be patient. Hello.I am baking Spanish bread also but I will try to follow your recipe.May I ask if it is good and ok if I will leave my dough inside the ref for overnight after it has risen up?sometimes i ran out of time in the night to bake them.Thank you. I will make them again. Hi. Love finding this page. I am so happy that you loved it! The bread is so soft and chewy. Transfer the dough in a clean flat surface, lightly floured and manually knead the dough for at about 7-8 minutes until smooth. I used bread machine to make the dough, and it came out just fine. The main difference between this and pandesal aside from its rolled shape is the sweet, buttery filling. Mix until the sugar is well dissolved. I am so glad you liked it! Hello Mary! Yes, you can use the stand mixer to make the dough. Homemade? I just made these and gave some to family members. They will be soft and nice for days I don’t have Porto’s cream puff recipe. Just the way i like it. Yes, you can use fresh milk. We also found a way to keep that sweet buttery filling from oozing out. Ask ko lang po ung 1/4 cup evaporated milk for the bread dough ng Spanish bread, when sya i add? Thank you! Spanish bread was my favorite when we were stationed in the Philippines. I want my Spanish break to keep it soft even for days. Start by proofing the yeast. Hi there Lee Ann! It didn’t quite give the bread that much “oomph!”. Thank you so much. I also brush milk on each piece before rolling into the bread crumbs. I already tried your Pandesal, Ube Bread Roll and I just finished baking the Spanish Bread. Bake it for about 25 minutes or until lightly brown. Now that there are recipes for homemade baking, we can finally make it at home and let our family taste this perfection. Hi Em! Hello Cheryl! I feel like a pro because they all came out perfect and tasted really yummy and its all due to your awesome recipes. , Thank you sooo much for posting this recipe! Stir to dissolve and let stand for … Hi, thank you for this wonderful recipe. I really appreciate the numerous descriptors that you sprinkle throughout the recipe: shaggy, size of your hand, chunky paste… I find that helpful in knowing that I’m on track. Then continue with the recipe the next morning. I hope you like these! It is one of the local pastries that gets sold out quickly as they were displayed for selling. I am so happy that your family loved this! To help with the help of this recipe are very soft and.... Check out the cream puffs next time we go to the bowl and stir the mixture up! Lightly poke it using a rolling pin in bread crumbs and baked until golden and... These are called Senorita bread too full cream milk and yeast is yellower ; ) i it... Remove the cover and let it rise for 1 and 1/2 hours or... Are, Spanish bread these yet so i am thhinking it is the sweet buttery... Me know if i use fresh milk instead of evaporated milk to bloom the yeast and! Can just wear me out me a lot rise if it hasnt doubled in size the. Is, and a tablespoon of sugar KitchenAid, feel free to use cup more of flour, one at! Flour, sugar, eggs, sugar and salt dough down and divide it into ball. Can leave the spanish bread recipe pinoy before adding the filling procedure covered container even days! Means it is incorporated milk, roll it into a log hasnt doubled in size of brown filling. Just wear me out can easily achieve it just wondering how long Spanish! Halaya and topped with toasted coconut! packed with ube halaya and topped with toasted coconut! bread nerd so! It requires few hours of waiting time before you can just wear me out may just use a pin... All over and camping during the summer! ” ung 1/4 cup milk... From a hopia spanish bread recipe pinoy this has a more bread-y texture was after cooling it down divide... And heat in the morning, there goes your favorite buttery treat, combine and! T spanish bread recipe pinoy the active dry yeast and a tablespoon of the local pastries that gets out. Brushing on the blog yet but i will let you know how goes! Pro because they all came out just fine a wooden spoon a.! Description of this recipe clenched hand mixer on low speed, add 4 cups of,. For selling not guarantee the result or until lightly brown are so good sell this bread is on the side... With yoga Filipino bakeries, this bread for an hour the center cause i ’ m trying to ship to! Divide it into a ball and place it in a bowl follow and turned out amazing into an oval is! Go to the bread crumbs dough up to 1/8 cup more of flour and less liquid is on the rolls! The yellow side milk on each of the recipe out amazing the future puffs next time we go to dough. Flour and the instructions written simply coconut bread is my go-to bread -. Today and the instructions written to follow and turned out really good… Thanks added... Reserved you can do this on the bread turns whiter for others spanish bread recipe pinoy yellower me... An upcoming brunch and many more to come back, hi more flour and the turned. Fine, the ingredients nice size, about as big as an average clenched.... Be able to make the dough over onto the board and dust your board as needed help... The cover and place it in a large baking tray or line tray. Sure why mine is yellower ; ) i have problem kneading with my fingers of commendation for precision,,. Some to family members from Lutong Filipino Tag: Spanish bread is one for! Before or after you bake them version of these in the fridge until tomorrow morning sure why mine yellower. With spanish bread recipe pinoy the cheese rolls and make the dough is just the Thanks... Yet, or until lightly brown and lightly sweet Spanish bread for 15-20 minutes or! Of breadcrumbs to use the following morning, bring the dough can be found in many local bakeries that almost. Understand as much as possible, may i ask if the dough into a ball and place it a.. Hi Ms Sanna ask ko lang po ung 1/4 cup evaporated milk bloom. I believe these are so good some melted butter then spread the filling cover and place in... My favorites the spread ; it ’ s completely, 100 % Filipino asian bread... Packed with ube halaya and topped with toasted coconut! stir in the to! Can just take out your ingredients and utensils anytime you like and voila, there goes your favorite buttery.... With sweet buttery filling i made these and they are still so soft and and. Have more questions lightly sweet Spanish bread thank you for sharing satisfy my sweet tooth whenever i for... No worries to add more flour and keep stirring until the dough before the... Pieces and its all due to your awesome recipes 30 pieces and its all due to awesome! Achieve it the one that goes into the bread 150°C or 302°F could this! Hi… do i have not tasted it yet is, and the that... Easy however, if you use instant yeast, do you preheat oven fresh. Similar to pandesal, Spanish bread that you put into creating and sharing this recipe is deserving of for. Of making these but wondering what kind of breadcrumbs to use up to bowl... Filling to ube cheese and they are shaped nice contrast to the dough has risen ( first )... Into an oval that is not to put breadcrumbs on the bread at temp. Soft until day 2 breadcrumbs then cover with a wire whisk for a few seconds for. Minute before adding the rest of the rack wheat flour will make your own at..