Rub it lightly, as often as necessary, over your pet's coat. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on April 30, 2012: watergeek - yep, Vicki is a great pet owner. Diatomaceous earth for dogs has become quite a popular holistic option among pet parents because of its many health benefits! :) Thanks for that info. I began to look for natural alternatives for so many reasons. I think my little cat has mange and need to know if this works on that. Through a microscope, the particles look like bits of broken glass. :). As with any product, always check with your vet and also with any product - it's kind of like with people: sometimes you find things work really, really well and sometimes...well, they just don't. I ordered some animal-safe herbal sprays with tiny amounts of cinnamon oil and cedar oil. However, I have to wonder at so many others - including flea treatments. I have DE. Pool-grade DE has been chemically treated and is altered. This exemely fine dust is DANGEROUS if not used properly. It's so refreshing, however, to see people interested in DE - it's good stuff (food grade) and my dog never minds when I put it on. Once in, the powder sucks all the moisture out of the insects’ bodies and dehydrates them to death. I just say that because sometimes when you think it's one thing, it's another. When it comes to the control of parasites on pets, diatomaceous earth move of action is mechanical. For flea prevention: The Bottom Line on Diatomaceous Earth For Flea And Tick Control On Pets Many people take food grade diatomaceous earth as a supplement and it is also commonly used as a way to kill bugs, because it pierces their exoskeletons and causes them to dehydrate. Dust the area, pet bed, and/or blankets thoroughly. I do it all the time for the last 4 yrs. The same goes for animals. Is Diatomaceous … 10 Effective Tips for Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth to Kill Fleas in House, Outside, and on Dogs and Cats Tips to get better results and let DE work well against adult and eggs of fleas. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Proponents claim it to be an effective pesticide for de-worming and as a remedy for fleas with no ill effects. DE is made up of a mineral called silica. He never did, but I was curious to learn if there is really one that works well for intestinal parasites as I am not that eager to use chemicals. Also, I just wanted to throw in my two cents regarding topical flea treatments for pets. With anything new, it's always a good idea to tread carefully. He actually thinks I'm giving him a belly rub (well, I partly am, anyway, hehe). While browsing the internet, I read things like "endocrine disruptors" and "toxic to the brain and nervous system." Years ago, I dutifully went to the veterinarian to get one of those popular topical flea treatments. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on August 30, 2012: Cherubmom - I'm really glad you called them. If your dog or cat has been scratching lately and you think they may have fleas, you can use diatomaceous earth (DE) as a natural, safe insecticide to get rid of fleas. There are no fleas in the home or on my cat, he's an indoor cat. :), Wow! Ewwww. I started to worry about the safety of DE when my cat died of lung cancer. What it does is that its sharp particles puncture the fleas’ waxy exoskeletons and enter their withins. Here's where I first found it and if you scroll down there is a bunch of information about its uses: Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on June 16, 2013: Susan - awesome! Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on July 29, 2014: Hey, anonymous. The most common use of diatomaceous earth for dogs is the treatment of fleas and ticks. DE certainly has many uses and combating parasites is one of them. The vet said he would need to keep my dog overnight to monitor him. Reapply the DE and work it into the carpet with a broom; leave it there for three days and vacuum again. KC - hey there, thanks for stopping by! You can also use it for diatomaceous earth for fleas in carpet … I end up breathing it in half the time when I apply it to my animals, but if you read above, they like to lick themselves and it's ingestible. As far as the Home Depot brand - what I would do is call the manufacturer and find out if it's safe. I have one cat now that can't take topical flea medication at all. Can Diatomaceous Earth Help Me Lose Weight? Lots of farmers dust poultry with it as well as horses and cattle, along with dogs and cats. Thanks for this article. I've used it for a while now on our carpets to get rid of fleas and their eggs and it does a great job but it plays havoc on a vacuum cleaner!!!lol. Also, make sure you get the food-grade kind. Jones exposes himself to toxic paint fumes, and finds relief with Diatomaceous Earth. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on March 11, 2015: eters - my best advice is to read the label and/or follow the instructions for DE. Hi, great article. Almost no vet will recommend due to the downsides far outweighing the potential positives. I've dusted the puppy and she's still scratching so today is the fourth day we've appliedttwice now. The awesome thing about DE is it makes for an inhospitable environment for creepy crawlies. I love it, too. However, there are so many factors involved: weight of the animal, diet, repeated exposure to tapeworms (sometimes your yard can have them or if they eat the excrement of other animals, etc, etc.) DE is a little worse because it's made of tiny glass particles. By 1 A.M., my dog was showing improvement after receiving fluids and oxygen therapy. Good to know. Yes, in this case, I'd follow the vet's advice and maybe use the DE to help prevent them in the future - but keep talking to the vet and let him/her know what you're doing. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but with acute conditions, it's a good idea to rule out other problems that may need other types of treatment, too. This includes bedspreads, pillows (or at least the pillowcases), clothes (like laundry clothes), and anywhere your pet might like to sleep like the cover of pet beds, etc. I did call the manufacturer which is SAFER product. I stopped already because it gave both of my dogs horrible rashes all down their backs where it had been applied, and one of them licked some of the spots bloody. But, it's safe stuff: once it's on fur or in the carpet or even EATEN (as a detox treatment), it's perfectly fine. Thank you for your feedback as well. Good luck with those fleas. I think there is just too many in my house and in my couch . (My dog doesn't mind having the powder on his fur and doesn't shake when I bring out the bottle.) DE is mostly made up of silica, a very hard mineral, and it has a very coarse texture and absorbent properties. So not sure who to believe. Then, I finally read about diatomaceous earth or DE. DE has worked very well on feral cats I feed and the difference is noticeable within a few weeks of sprinkling on their food. I was treating my dog's ears for what I thought might have been fleas - I was treating him with DE - and when it didn't clear up after a little bit, I took him to the vet. So there for I'm sure were getting some. It does give instructions for "indoor use" which tells me it's safe, despite the fact that it says "ant killer" on the bag. Well, this is one question where I would also talk to the vet. :) I just know that for fleas and ticks, this stuff works great with my dog. How do I get my dog to drink more water so that she can pass her stool easier... Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on July 26, 2017: Yes. How do you stop the dogs from inhaling it? It is basically tiny razers that once wet lose their efficacy. years ago. It is also said that DE works well on cockroaches. I never really thought about how flea medicine affects the dogs inner organs and adrenal glands, or could be fatal with prolonged use. Diatomaceous earth is often used in gardens because it repels most bugs without harming the much needed earthworms. Hi I have flees in my house buy I'm tired of using strong chemicals. However, that makes total sense. It's safe! Many hardware stores carry DE for general use but it may not be safe for use on animals. !! I am so happy to learn of this new natural flea preventive and I'm definitely going to try it. She keeps digging at them and shaking her head. And... dont consume this. I love my dogs and these fleas are making them miserable and I hate feeling like getting their skin healthy is out of my hands. Susan Sisk from Georgia, USA on June 15, 2013: I am always trying to find natural flea remedies. I waited and waited to see the dead worms in the stool but nothing. This stuff wasn't cheap and it never lasted as long as the box would say. Michelle Liew from Singapore on March 29, 2013: Hi CC, was so busy yesterday that I forgot to say that DE is a good, natural alternative for those considering using it. Thanks for the information you give to people about DE. If so, that would be awesome! - so many things. I applied this same product on him (before I knew what happened with my sisters dog of course) and he started acting strangely, have taken him to the Vet on several different occasions and he hasn't been able to correct his problem. :D Thanks so much for coming by! Great info! It seemed to mildly work. We live on a farm having 3 dogs, 7 cats, and a pig named Petunia along with 47 goats. You can use a sieve, a tied-off sock filled with DE, or one of our applicators. While it's more common to use Diatomaceous Earth as flea prevention, many people have added small amounts of DE to their pet's diet. You can also click some of the informational links in the hub to help locate pure DE. Can i mix it with water and when the water dries the DE will kill the mites. Leave the DE applied as long as possible. Once you use it and reapply, then you'll really see the benefits. Amounts of use WILL vary from person to person My cat had to be put down after severe breathing difficulties following the use of Diatom Flea powder. DE is mostly made up of silica, a very hard mineral, and it has a very coarse texture and absorbent properties. LOL. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on June 25, 2014: Lynda - I hope the DE works and I'm sorry for your pet - it's maddening what chemicals we use in society, no? I need it for bedding, carpet, outside....I think I have fleas running around. It will most likely kill whatever it is on the puppy, but I would research "walking dandruff" to see what sorts of treatments (including home remedies) are available. And I also never heard of cleaning a dog's ears with oil, that is such a great tip. So that information can it be ingested? In order to use diato… Treat his bedding, kennel and other areas where he lives to kill existing fleas and as a preventative measure. Hi, my mother ended up in the hospital after using DE because she breathed it in. This is a mechanical pest killer so it can be very effectively applied, just not on the living creatures you want to protect. Just be patient - it works, but you do have to keep at it and diligent about applying. :). Your report is so informative to apply for my little one who has been infected with fleas. Two minutes every three or four days is all it takes. This is because the powder has tiny but sharp edges and the ability to absorb liquid. Sincerely. :). Besides, there are few things worse than flea infestations—and I didn't want that. After running around in the woods, I'd still have to pick off ticks. Generally, they don't survive. My nephews were having trouble with their cat, so I bought four 2.5 pounders - 3 for them and 1 for me. I got a puppy from a breeder 8weeks old shes been diagnosed with walking dandruff. :) Thanks again for commenting. :). I read the label and instructions and was mildly alarmed that there were so many warnings on the label, but I knew that as a "good pet owner," I needed to prevent fleas and ticks on my pets. Only weights 2 pounds. She said it is all organic but they cannot put "Food Grade" because of all the testing with FDA they would have to go through but it is perfectly safe to get on our skin, etc. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on September 20, 2016: Gretchen - well, I've not watered it down when I've treated my dog but it'll get watered down when they eat it with food...I'd follow the directions on the label and call the manufacturer to see if it would be as effective. Thank you for your time. Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on April 26, 2017: I keep DE on hand all the time and never use any chemical for my fur-girl except the necessary one-ingredient Heartworm pill, Interceptor. I work at Tractor Supply and DE is a product we carry. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on April 29, 2012: Dale - I'm so glad I could help with the onions/cats info. Diatomaceous earth for pets gets rid of fleas naturally. :D. Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on March 30, 2013: I've never heard of DE before. And even though it wouldn't harm any pets skin she would be concerned with them licking it over and over again. How I Learned About Diatomaceous Earth. I think it works better topically for fleas. Stick with your gut feeling - it's usually correct. However, they are constantly developing things that are natural to help ward off various things like Lyme. All in all, I hope you have a great experience with this. Ensure that you mix well the food and DE. Take note of the areas around your house where your dog likes to spend his or her time. Fleas in my house is ruining my social life, lol. Of course, if you think your doggie might have parasites, my best advice would be to see a vet first - one who is sympathetic to using natural products. You can help get rid of parasites and improve digestion in humans and animals alike with DE, however, make sure you purchase food-grade DE; other DE products may have been chemically treated and are poisonous if ingested. Oh and don't breathe the dust if you can help it. (HUGS). So, I twisted off the tip of the green-looking chemical solution and thought, "bye-bye, fleas.". Aww, I LOVE that breed of dog. I've heard that caution should be used when first introducing DE into one's diet, because it will really "clean out your system" in the beginning. The things that actually cause lung cancer are far and wide, but my animals are getting on in their years and I've never had any lung issues with them. Diatomaceous earth: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Diatomaceous Earth For Flea Control-Buy Natural Flea Control, Diatomaceous Earth: Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits. Cynthia is the proud mama of three fur-kids: two cats and a dog. :). Silica is also in clumping kitty litters, which have been linked to lung cancer. Am I safe to put it on my dog as long as it doesn't say for POOL? Related: Natural Remedies for Feline Arthritis Stephen Hodgkinson from Sydney Australia on March 25, 2013: I put this hub in the top 100 of all hubpages. She's so tiny. I have no proof that this is the cause of her cancer, but my gut feeling tells me it is. Step 1: Take note of the areas around your house where your dog likes to spend his or her time. It cuts them up as they walk. This information wasn't just on one site . My dog doesn't like it, but he sure smells nice for two days. If someone wants to buy all 3, you can have them for $20 each plus shipping. We're all so busy and half the time, I don't get around to MOST of the things I want to read: between HP and blogging and all the awesome stuff out there, I wish I could read 1000 pages a minute. The cool thing is that you tried. I will say that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we use has plusses and drawbacks. Can't beat the price!! I have lots of friends that are complaining that the ticks and fleas are really bad this year...but with the DE I haven't had that problem. With my veterinarian's blessing, I began to use DE exclusively on my pets. I only pray that it takes care of the issue. DE works best when it's … $1.69/lb? Thank you for coming by again. Thank you for all the wonderful info and am just starting my one year old German Pinscher with it. You can breathe in Food Grade DE, not Pool Grade. Turns out he had swimmer's ear, which, incidentally, you treat with different remedies. Tapeworms I believe. DE is also only so strong: they may need stronger stuff to help them get rid of parasites and then you can follow the directions on a food-grade DE package to help keep it at bay. Susette Horspool from Pasadena CA on April 30, 2012: Wow. The goal of using diatomaceous earth for flea control is to minimize fleas in your pet's environment. That makes sense to me. I'm definitely an "herbal/simple" remedies first kind of gal, and then I'll use modern medicine if I can shake it - both on myself and my pets. Your vet may have recommendations where you can get food grade DE inexpensively. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on September 27, 2012: Mariacolomy - thank you. LOL. Does Diatomaceous Earth Have Side Effects? Since last year it's gotten bigger and it's become a major discomfort for him and I. But, it's like breathing in most any kind of dust or powder - it'll irritate for awhile. Even though its applied externally, you should use diatomaceous earth food-grade for fleas on dogs since your dog may lick its coat. What is Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs? I won't use anything else now. Diatomaceous earth is easy to use and non-toxic to pets and humans. Only a vet can diagnose that. That being said, I got my most recent bag of DE from a garden shop. :P. Thank you! I also use it on his bedding in his crate and on his food to control internal parasites. DE is wonderful and, yes, it works! Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on September 18, 2016: Chris - yes - always check with your vet if you have any doubts. I have seen psittaculturists (parrot breeders) dust the entire flock and they didn't have any lung issues with their birds. Nothing will keep them off my dog, and he has been scratching like crazy! Is it possible to just add the DE to their water fountains, that way they will all get it internally? Good luck with it. He gave her a shot and she is looking and acting much better. This can be due to many factors including pet allergies or tolerance for DE, how often you apply DE, how thoroughly you can get rid of fleas elsewhere in the home, etc. Had Asthma before. Can anyone help me out. needs to be reapplied frequently at least three times to kill all emerging larvae. :) Good luck with your puppy. Vacuum all carpets and rugs thoroughly and clean out the vacuum afterward so that the fleas can't find their way out and back into your home. I say that because even with DE, sometimes a flea or a tick does get through it (though I'd say they're not going to be able to be healthy for very long). It looks like a fine, white powder. Good luck. The reason I ask is that my cat had been diagnosed with lung cancer and I am wondering if in treating her with DE, it might have caused the cancer. :) Those little glassy particles will make you cough - not so good. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on September 01, 2013: Sammy - that's great! Small amounts of garlic seem to be okay for dogs according to some experts, but both onions and garlic are toxic to cats, as are many essential oils. Thanks cclitgirl. She said she would not recommend me putting it on my dog as it does have a little something added to attract the bugs to it. I have always used DE for treating fleas on my pets and done so cautiously, when there is no wind etc. . Fleas are blood-sucking parasites that live outside, in our homes, and on our pets. That question is a really good question for the manufacturer - they could probably give you direct proportions to use based on the size of bowls or fountains you have. And from DzyMsLizzy as well! As with all pet/flea products, your experience with it might differ from mine. A word of warning here: DE is very hard on traditional filtered vacuums. :). I definitely use this stuff A LOT! The next day, I anxiously waited until I could bring my dog home. Her growth was on top of her shoulderblades, right in the middle, in the spot where these treatments would be applied. I am concerned with him inhaling it if I just sprinkle it on his food. All internally consumed DE must be food-grade. Anyway she applied the product and two days later her little Yorkie started having neurological problems and four days later had to be put down because he was suffering so much pain. The safe natural products work well--haven't seen a flea, and she's not scratching--so I'll continue using them. Just bath them and use dawn and soap in a plate in the dark with a tea light candle for the house . :), DzyMsLizzy - that was a great article! YES! I am using DE to treat my dog due to tapeworms. So what happens when you apply it to your pet - as you cannot put a mask on them, or even when they clean themselves is there a chance that they could breathe it in? :) Good luck. Here's how to use it: Be sure not to put more than a couple of tablespoons on your animal at a time—you don't need much. Repeat this process every few days. So, we treat him with pet-friendly DE. This will kill any fleas living on the rug, repel any new ones, and continue to dehydrate the eggs. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on October 14, 2013: Alexadry - yeah, good to know. It is a fine grayish-white powder that comes from the long-dead remains of diatoms, a type of algae. That seems pretty good considering prices I've seen online. Good advice there. I have 15 acres and an Aussie that roams it. I know for me, I used this with my vet's blessing and it worked for me. No hub does that ! Some of them do get paid to promote the topical (chemical-heavy) flea products and personally, I will never use it again. It worked, but I felt like I had to apply it every other day and my dog hated being sprayed down all the time and smelling like a cinnamon stick. Thanks again :). Thanks for sharing, I'm really excited to give this stuff a shot! Then they decided not to use it. (I should have guessed that topical flea medications were bad when the directions urged me to wash my hands immediately and to avoid skin contact.) Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on April 22, 2013: Diana - just please make sure it's NOT pool grade but FOOD GRADE and you're good to go. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on March 30, 2013: Michelle - no worries! Hi cclitgirl, I took her to the vets and it actually was an allergic reaction to flea's. My sister called me the other day and told me she applied one of the flea products you can purchase from your Vet on her little Yorkie ,I won't say which one it was, because even though it seems to be the cause of the dogs death, we can't prove it. Flea treatments for dogs often require the use of intense chemical treatments that can cause skin conditions or illnesses in pets. Honestly, I've breathed some in when I've put some on my cats and dogs on accident and the sensation - at least for me - is like an allergy attack. I just used the diatomaceous earth on my boston terrier which turned out to be a disaster. But the worker said it is safe to get on your skin and put in your house. There are absolutely no reliable studies showing DE will eliminate pests when ingested, but there are plenty suggesting it is ineffective. Thanks for your help and all your information. This was done once or twice a year with no known breathing issues on birds that live decades. After bathing your pet, spread DE on all rugs and leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes to help dehydrate and kill the flea eggs. I stopped using the chemical products after a vaccination compromised her immune system. Thanks so much for this great article, CC! It can kill fleas, ticks, lice or mites on your dog. I cleaned the area and dusted him last night around 5 and he didn't break it open again until 9 this morning. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on March 12, 2013: Jennifer - DO keep me posted, but um, ingesting a pet-variety might be a little suspect, but you can call the company and find out if, indeed it is JUST diatomaceous earth. I happened to know DE in google and I already ordered and have been waiting it delivered. Please don’t use this for your pets . should be enough to kill the fleas on your dog within 24 to 72 hours. I'd like to get something I can sprinkle for the dog and cats, but I also need a huge bag. (I've been a professional pet groomer for almost 30 years, btw), I sincerely believe my Sheltie's cancer was caused by using a brand-name flea deterrent. SEE A VET before use......& no......I am not a vet looking for trade. The DE and the occasional bath really help him. She is a poodle and I had her shaved down and treated with a spot on treatment and it only worked a week. This might be a bed, kennel, or favorite pillow or rug. Don't need the other 3, so they're for sale. Yeah, I clean "my boy's" ears and put a teeny bit of earth in them. Victoria - I'm sorry it didn't work for you. Yeah, I really like this stuff. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on September 20, 2013: Richy's mom - that's great! Why isn't the DE killing them. Alas, there's no proof, but I'm with you: so many drugs/food/pesticides/products that we use contain chemicals that weren't in drugs/food/pesticides/products before the modern age. It was 10 P.M., but I called the vet anyway and he agreed to meet me at the clinic with my dog. For severe infestations, D.E. I ordered a ton, because I'm really desperate to get this under control. Because I'm not a vet, I'm hesitant to tell you exactly what to do, so my second best advice is to consult a vet who is knowledgeable about DE. Not only that, if you're dealing with open wounds, you'll want to get those taken care of immediately, and then with the advice of your vet, try home treatments. If they know and like DE, then they're going to know great remedies for Lyme disease prevention. I then turned to garlic. You might find it to be greatly successful or you may not. I personally would do one of two things: order food grade DE from a reputable manufacturer online or go to a health foods store and get the pet-specific stuff. I've tried everything. If you’re looking to get rid of or kill fleas, the DE is a logical choice. Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on October 02, 2013: I use the DE (from Natural Pet) on my dog's bedding (I don't have carpet) and use their natural flea preventive ointment (no chemicals) on her skin after bathing her. Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on April 29, 2012: CC--Another question--Do you wear gloves to rub it around on pets? Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) is an effective way to get rid of fleas without exposing your dog to toxins. Posted on my Facebook page regarding his hotspot and a friend if mine said DE got rid of hot spots on her very furry bunny (my cat is also a long hair).