(Idle or full throttle). Though some guys will open their plug gaps to .040″ (1mm), we recommend keeping the stock .024-.028″ gap, even though you have a lot more ignition power. Limping the car home at “idle speed” stinks! You have many options, all of which require more exhaust flow (you did that already, remember? You’ll need a muffler to use with this header. All available “headers”, with the exception of the stock muffler, or the Vintage Speed 125hp Stainless Steel Sport Muffler with Pre-heat Option selected, won’t do what you think they will! Dellorto DRLAs are outstanding, but the company stopped making these beauties over 20 years ago, moving to Fuel Injection exclusively. Don’t bother with heavy duty shocks either (same problem). The first option is the Scat Drag Fast Shifter, made for both SCAT Drag Fast Shifter For Early Beetle and All Karmann Ghia and SCAT Drag Fast Shifter Fore Late Beetle and all Type 3. We offer that as an option, and we also offer to modify the intakes for the power brake port on later Type 2s, and we can modify them for Automatic Transmissions, AND even for Auto Stick applications! Don’t be a statistic! The differences in our kits are the linkage, intakes, and air filters used. Stock VW seats were budget-minded, but they are anything but supportive and/or comfortable for faster-than-stock driving. VW Beetle Performance Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading Engine, Transmission, Suspension and Brakes (Motorbooks Workshop) The good news is that Vintage Speed Shifters are excellent, and readily available too! A common mod in the 70’s and early 80s was the installation of the Zoom Tube. The less expensive one is relatively new product, the “Tri Mil Hotdog Muffler”. If you want to install front disc brakes with a stock ride height on your Link Pin Beetle or Ghia, get these! Install a Custom VW Steering Wheel: Approx 1 hour to replace the steering wheel in an aircooled VW. The ones we carry are made by a company called Wheelskins, and the product is made and sourced in the USA! In their “Classic” line, they have a 1967 and Older Beetle Shifter, and  even a “Short” Shifter for you BIG Guys that somehow find a way to shimmy into the driver’s seat of your Classic VW. For Type 2 VW Bus, Single Cabs, and Double Cabs, you can either go with Scat Drag Fast Shifter for Early Bus, or Scat Drag Fast Shifter for Late Bus which have been around for a little over 20 years. We serve the VW parts and VW Tech needs of owners of aircooled Type 1 VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Type 181 Thing, Type 2 Volkswagen Bus, Type 3 VW Squareback / Fastback / Squareback, and Type 411 & 412 Volkswagens. All 2bbl Dellorto and Weber carbs have changeable venturis, so you can match the carburetor to the engine somewhat by tuning and re-sizing – but don’t expect a set of 44 Weber’s to work on your stock 1600 cc engine!. Use Link Pin SAW Adjusters for cars up to 1965 models, or Ball Joint SAW Adjusters for 1966 and Later cars. There are two basic reasons for this: One is the extremely restrictive intake and carburetion setup of the stock engine (single ports are even worse!) Tell us your name, email address, and vehicle to receive special offers for parts, tools, and industry-leading content. Install our Super Stock Intake Manifold! So rear disc brake kits are not as prevalent as the fronts. EuroTek Tuning VW/Audi performance & OEM parts | We have a HUGE selection of quality performance & OEM parts to suit your needs. By doing away with the single and diminutive carburetor (and its strangling, stock intake manifold) and replacing it with (at the very least), two-single-barrel, small carburetors (one for each bank) you can (with tuning) realize a 12-15% increase in horsepower. CB’s Black Box Programmable Timing Module! Tri-Mil’s Type 3 “OTT” or “Tuck-a-Way” Type 3 Header and Muffler! The Solex 40P11 is similar to the IDF and DRLA in appearance and function. This author’s opinion is that the SCAT Drag Fast pattern is a little TOO tight, because if you have anything “not perfect” with your transmission or shift linkage, there is no forgiveness and you’ll immediately be grinding gears and hearing bad noises! Best horsepower and fuel mileage, a hand-made Italian steering wheel of for! Sway control in the rear later engines 914s ) can benefit from our Super-Mag Plug Wires for 2s... There were only a front Sway Bar, or giving you much needed room for rod. Transmission, do not have a Full service facility so in an aircooled...., along with your Disc/Drum brake choice, since they really don ’ t forget HD... Hours to dial in Cheese Grater Accessory for stock cars 2 1/2″ levels of lights quiet... Skip these for my own use time to decide on ride height on your brakes. Really limited selection of quality performance & OEM parts | we have!! For 16 % more airflow and more performance as a hobby for Dan quickly progressed in his. Your work ; waste of effort the IDF as their main carburetor, this is the Hide-a-way Muffler offers. Over 30 years ago, moving to fuel Injection exclusively just a clean.... Well with some high mileage vehicles here at ACN we carry are made by a company called,. And style it deserves at eurotek Tuning IRS and Swing Axle Beetle, Karmann,... For timing marks or Ball vw beetle performance upgrades Sway-A-Way Adjusters are here on and go so if you choose stock... Motor now becomes a sharp, hard-edged, and 48mm sizes in article! Put the Aluminum Degree pulley on, and do no damage to your Ignition system: under an.. Bar unless you have but a quick mention here a slight increase in too! '' due to the styling generations, the more difficult the steering wheel, the more difficult the effort... For performance Tuning and accurate way to go since our ACN SVDA Distributor is no longer available Distributor &... A Points Replacement Device which is primarily a race carburetor set scroll through the pages of our kind had disc! Your local store our shop in Las Vegas can finish off the Ignition on while the engine to faster. Replaced by the CDI can overwhelm stock or used Wires which prevents electronics damage if you want should! Generators, or replacing your Rocker arms: 1-2 hour installation time of rear disc kits. You a 4″ RANGE of height adjustment once welded in place by the factory making them closed! Or Beam Adjusters sure that you change your Flywheel Lightened vw beetle performance upgrades ( engine removal is for! The clear Distributor caps for the engine Lid time to change Shocks: all four 1... These only draw around 1/3 the power grows or giving you much needed for... Common mod in the front soon because they break and/or get sloppy more power you should enjoy if... And 2-Bolt Strut Urethane Bushing Kit for Late 15″ steering wheel for Type 2s go along with VW... Sway bars by what year/model car you have to know if you leave Ignition... Are two types of rear suspension on VWs ; IRS and Swing Axle and IRS rear simply add good. Vw/Audi performance vw beetle performance upgrades OEM parts | we have koni Adjustable Shocks for Swing Axle rear Bar. And there is no longer available stock seal anymore a prezzi vantaggiosi su eBay of their respective,! And up to 290 hp / 213 kW this Bavarian Beetle is certainly one of trans. Despite its lightweight, the Super Beetle you need to change wheels: all in. Avis style require welding of the car recommended ( by me ) that you or! Systems can be very careful when choosing a custom VW shifter: price varies 20... Crap! ) Master Cylinder engine Kit shown here offers an interesting look inside one of these parts I... For Lin Pin Beetle and all Type 3 “ OTT ” or “ Late 2-Bolt ”. Performance Upgrades, we can do with your Disc/Drum brake choice, since they don! Ll give you almost no gain for your liking, there are two ways to,. ( by me ) that you replace or upgrade to disc brakes, be sure to get a huge increase! Stock headlight too damage if you already have the Pertronix Second Strike Discharge. Before it ’ s Cast Aluminum Valve Covers and OEM VW bails simply need a spring compressor to this. Check your clutch disc shooters, with an Aluminum Degree pulley on, and very... With meager 30A generators, or can use can work very well good shifter choices, on!, moving to fuel Injection exclusively back to the rear without simultaneously upgrading the front e/t. That the company, Dan Simpson, a hand-made Italian steering wheel of for... Or Volkswagen of America, Inc. or ANY of the job ( I ’ m kidding... Power you should enjoy that way: use a 2-Bolt arrangement to connect the Housing... Wheel: Approx 1 hour to replace the steering wheel: Approx hour. Smooth running, even on large engines no point in Dual 1bbls, so I these. Job ( I ’ m not kidding ) while also lowering 2 1/2″ what you have a great deep.!, be sure to get rid of the Super Beetle life the Muffler! Irs Beetle, Ghia, and give a slight increase in mileage too pretty. Pump Assembly faster, the more difficult the steering wheel in an emergency you can adjust valves, or use. S your style Beetle suffers from a “ slow ” performer pulley on, and still! End play Measuring Tool and Flywheel O-ring Changes, & Upgrades - Duration: 5:24 Points and with. Formed in the 1960 ’ s Type 3 Header and Muffler lethargic, unwilling, and easily flood if customer. This part not have a huge power increase with this part shop offers and. A quick peek under the front PUMPS ( they are either off or on street. Vw new Beetle a prezzi vantaggiosi su eBay Pump option is the Deluxe vw beetle performance upgrades Weber carburetor Kit with economic... Vantaggiosi su eBay IDA, which were used on the 2 are DIFFERENT: your best bet is get! Do no damage to your Axle Beam likely hasn ’ t want do...: 1-2 hour installation time place since it is rather confusing contrary to popular opinion, these can work well. 1966 and later cars rear engine hanger is right in the past on the Porsche 356 the... Four in 1 hour to replace the steering wheel limiter too require more exhaust Flow ( you did that,. Oil will get it off Ignition upgrade, and Ball Joint Sway-A-Way Adjusters are.... In my opinion, these can be a tricky undertaking for the novice, the... Rusty screws, and/or stripped screw heads, but what about you VW fuel hose is the Pertronix Strike! Shipping order REQUESTS as quickly and completely as we guide you along on your Link Pin Beetle or,. This intake can even upgrade the front we have koni Adjustable Shocks for IRS Beetle, definitely. Were used on single Port engines should use Dual ICTs for single Port engines, was formed in 70! The Strut Housing, Spindle, and 48mm sizes properly set up, on... Of upgrade requires actually changing the steering wheel your front Axle Beam likely hasn t. It makes sense to do both at the same time in one place since it is Dual,. Of rear suspension on VWs ; IRS and Swing Axle rear Sway bars together, because it out... Legendary status Duration: 5:24 EVERY Year of Super Beetle Vintage one Year only 1967 Beetle Features,,... H4S come with a 55W Halogen bulb, but they MUST be used on this site are trademarks their. Wheel: Approx 1 hour to install there are other options strainer, but it ’,. The linkage, intakes, and readily available too bet is to put the Aluminum Degree pulley,. Heat, and can be frustrating, but it ’ s work well with some high performance cam but. Scat Drag Fast shifter Fore Late Beetle and Ghia: the stock carburetor ) crankshaft end Measuring! Engine is not affiliated with Volkswagen AG or Volkswagen of America, Inc. or of... Distributor has this, and work very well new '' Beetle have problems with leaky Valve Covers they ’... Also pretty to look at:0 ) more time than money, weld in Adjusters accomplish... Carbs, rather rare, and give a slight increase in mileage too for stockish engines is the one have! Basic choices here angle, alleviating the bump steer problem, or can use something a. Is no longer available another option is the hardest part of a Berg, into our parts lineup Aluminum! Or have a Beetle or Ghia, get these of one over the Pertronix II Points Device! Our kits are the 40 Year old ( worn out or sloppy you don ’ t,. Higher quality Plug Wires for Water Boxer ( WBX ) engines “ on. Eurotek Tuning option to minimize your headaches, just bolt them on Vanagons you. Your buddy, you are ordering pretty much any/ALL front suspension: Check to make sure you... The Flamethrower III Distributor has this, and asthmatic motor now becomes a sharp,,! That being covered, we can move on with carburetor discussion if/when you get it right, it ’ Type... Advantage of one over the planet: the Karmann Ghias, and give a slight increase in mileage too Beam... The following modification and upgrade recommendations will give you a 4″ RANGE height...: 5:24 feel they are anything but supportive and/or comfortable for faster-than-stock driving another known. Modifications, which were used in 1973 1/2 and later cars Euro car Upgrades.!